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[08 Nov 2005|11:14pm]
Coincidences? or fate?

An infinitely more interesting question than anything regarding politics or religion. I suppose though that religion is indirectly (directly?) tied up with that question anyway. After all, religion is based solely on fear, fear of the afterlife, and fear of the minds infinitely expansive ability. People need limitations.... Deadlines are the only way many people can get things done. Deadlines, genres, religions.... it's all a form of control. This idea extends to the notion of fate. It is another form of control. People are too easily intimidated by the complete randomness of life. It's why we have censorship. It's why we have rally's and lobbyists directing anger and hate towards certain offensive material. We live to constrict ourselves. But life is completely random. People die everyday from the most odd situations. Baby's are born with unspeakable defects. Your minds mood orientation can completely overhaul itself from anywhere within a week to 6 years. Or even more. Or even less. We all end up dying, and there is no proof of an afterlife. Hence, God was created by man. But generally speaking, coincidences are really the be-all and end-all of our everyday lives, and nothing can be done about it.

But do I really BELIEVE that? In ones own life there are so many situations that can almost obviously be directly linked to a few specific cause and effects, that lead to a situation where you think fate was obviously involved. Some are just too bizarre to believe it was a coincidence. But the idea of fate itself is just as bizarre; it is linked to religion, which is so obviously fraught with problems it's not worth going into. Guardian angels perhaps? Perhaps; but not all acts of fate are to an advantage to you. Fate is really in the mind; fate is just link after link in a chain of momentary happenings that your brain strings together in order to try and make sense of natures forever random doings. I suppose it's like 6 degrees of separation; Think hard enough about any situation and you're bound to be able to link it to others.

Unfortunately I'm re-treading extremely basic philosophies as I thought I had more to say but that's obviously false. I'm just trying to figure out which one I really believe; I have tried believing both in fate and most recently in coincidences only, and I've discovered that it's an impossible experiment; fate will always have the upper hand, as any coincidences worth noting can be too easily mistaken for some act of fate

I think what I want to explore more is whether or not people actually plan certain actions to such an extent that I do. When done correctly, planning a certain scheme will look to everyone else involved as a rather uncanny coincidence. 'Schemes' don't have to be bad or anything, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who might hang around a store for an extra five minutes to wait for my friend who could or could not be finishing work at that time. That is what I mean by schemes. You can use your head to think of the much more elaborate schemes which are the ones I'm trying to discuss here.

Most of the time when you suspect someone else has somewhat planned a certain action which seems strangely unintentional, you normally shrug it off as a coincidence as it appears to be a bit too complex and devious to of actually been planned. That is, I MYSELF think like that. But I am also very gullible, and much too forgive full. More stronger minded personalities would jump to the conclusion straight away that such a situation was planned. Perhaps they are planned subconsciously though.... As in, your mind feels like chicken, and so you suggest to your friends that you should walk towards JB now so you can buy your CD, but really it's because you'll be passing KFC on the way there. Again, I strongly suggest you use your own mind to expand on this idea. If most schemes are planned subconsciously, you will never be able to find out if said scheme was actually planned or not. And of course, even if it WAS planned, nearly all of the time, you will never know that either, even if you ask.

So basically, analysis of other peoples actions is rather pointless. The only pointers you will be able to use are what your mind has decided their personality is like, and decide from there. Of course, this personality that you see is actually a ghost reflection of your own personality, and care must be taken to ensure that your perception of someone else's personality is influenced by your own personality in the most minimal way possible.

Much like when rating good music.

spectre emotions [30 Oct 2005|08:38pm]

i have never been to a wedding
i have never been to a funeral

and so, both love and death are real to me only in movies

emotional detachment should be seen in a brighter light; I must savour it while I can


[19 Oct 2005|12:45am]

Witching Hour

4 ½ Stars

I will say this now before I change my mind as this is a most absurd proclamation, but: ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’ is the electronic-pop single of the year. Like ‘Seventeen’ before it, it’s instantly likeable, highly addictive, and flawless in the accomplishment of its vision. Moving forward from their electro-clash sound of 604 and Light & Magic, Ladytron have turned to lush production (similar to M83 in its scope) and a larger palette of aural pleasure for Witching Hour. Like Soulwax, this album aims for a balance between rock and dance, with the majority of tracks utilising very tasteful guitars and real drumkits to great effect for the more dancefloor orientated tracks (the explosive ‘Sugar’ and the gothic after-midnight stomp of ‘Fighting In Built Up Areas’), but resorting back to pure electronic mastery for the slower ballads, most noticeably the cold, slow-burning and apocalyptic ‘Soft Power’. Every song is a delicate treat for the senses. The infinitely dense synth pads and highly-processed vocals of Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo wash over you in waves; My Bloody Valentine has been an obvious influence. Many of the songs hit on an intimate and emotional level you never knew Ladytron were capable of (aren’t they robots?). A highly addictive album; the incredible-sounding vocals and the melodies they carry will be swimming around your head for days.
If Ladytron really are robots: They have perfected rhythm and decoded human emotion… what next? Be afraid…

Take Me With You When You Go
Trifekta Records
3 1/2 Stars
This is the first time I’d ever heard Sodastream. Mistaking this EP for a debut, I was very impressed at how focused and skilled these seven tracks sounded. Finding almost nothing about them on the internet, it turns out that Sodastream, comprised of Karl Smith and Pete Cohen who hail from Melbourne, have over seven years and seven releases under their name, and have done cool things such as record a Peel session at the BBC and worked with bedroom producer maestro J.Walker of Machine Translations. I really should try to hide my dodgy music knowledge sometimes…

Anyway, if you’re like me and don’t know who they are, Sodastream make warm, authentic indie folk-pop, and Smith has a delicate and sincere voice somewhere between Nick Drake and a restrained Jeff Mangum (I’m not completely clueless…). Of course, the comparison to Belle & Sebastian must be made, but basically any cardigan-wearing band gets compared to them. Just under 30 minutes, the EP is a perfect length, able to keep your attention without allowing you to get bored or doze off. It mainly keeps a very high level of standard (notably, the dreamy melody and great string arrangements in ‘Cane and Rice’), but unfortunately there are a few dips here and there (such as ‘Cotton Fields’ which crosses the line into cheesy sing-a-long). Overall though, this is a precise and satisfying EP, confident in its sound and maturity.
If Sodastream were a soda, they would be: Clear Cola, remember that! …No reason why, just wanted to bring up clear cola…

Ministry Of Sound
Chillout Sessions 8
Ministry Of Sound
2 Stars
Geez it’s hard to review MOS releases. I don’t know… like what’s the point in reviewing this anyway? Beach loving, Dior wearing, fake-tan glamour’s are going to love it no matter what, and the snobby, fancy-hair indie kids will scoff at it. The intention of chillout music is for it to be played as background music at bars for people in suits trying to subtly flash their BMW car keys at the ladiez next to them, or for beautiful girls in bikini’s sipping cocktails on a deckchair in summer. Besides those two situations, why would you want to listen to this? The CD calls the music ‘beach house’ for gods sake. How can I possibly enjoy listening to this on repeat in my tiny, claustrophobic room? I can’t, and I don’t. Even listening to this after recovering from Parklife, I was left unimpressed. Besides a few choice song selections (noticeably Zero 7’s ‘Climbing Up The Walls’ remix, the bouncy ‘Mindtrip’ by Hot Toddy, the serene ‘The Most Beautiful Girl’ by Datarock, SS’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ which is so not chillout, but whatever, and the perfect kind of sunny, holiday cheese in ‘Doop’ by Manhead and ‘Latin Player’ by Dr Rubberfunk), the rest of the choices feel very uninspired. Out of 38 tracks, about eight stick in my mind. The rest form a mush of MOR beach house nothingness. For background use only.
If you really want to chillout: listen to Air, or Röyksopp, or St Germain you precious indie kid you.


post-youth exuberance [16 Oct 2005|01:05am]
And then suddenly, it feels like I am that much older than everyone else. The jump to 20 seems like a much bigger gap than I anticipated. I'm not connected with everyone else in their 'teens' anymore; it's really weird because When I was 19 I felt i was on some sort of level from anyone 17 and upwards, but now its like 19 years old is the cut-off for anyone that is close to my maturity and intellectual criticisms. Suddenly, all the emo 'punk' kids that walk into JB with their new Lee light gray stovepipes (so hot), haviana thongs (too expensive to be worth it) and bandanas around their head (this is the shire, not CBGB... or club 77) seem so much less mature than I am; even though half the time I'm the one that looks two years younger than THEM. But it's scary because I always USED to feel I was on some kind of level with them all, and it freaks the hell out of me because if I don't belong to the community of immature fashion statements, then that must mean I'm now apart of the community I fear and dread the most..... adults?

A dramatic overstatement of course; I think I'm currently in that limbo state between teenagerhood and, um, whatever you call 21-25 year-olds, can't think of the name... young adults? No, that's too 1990's.... Anyway, I don't think I'm ready for that group, It seems like such a different world.... My sister who is three years older than me seems like such a different person to who she was three years former

What I'm really just saddened by is that before I turned 20 I always had the luxury of Youth on my side

Of course I never really acknowledged it when I was apart of it, but such is life
Dramatic; I am still in my youth, but seriously there is definitely a big difference in the way I feel in society; a big shift in how I view people and how I feel people view me. I'm not so young anymore to think 'any place will hire me ‘cause I'm cheap'
I'm not young anymore to think 'any place will give me work experience ‘cause I'm young and impressionable'
It’s a year that brings responsibility, responsibility that any youth doesn’t want
The cut-off for young artists at NOISE/SOYA is 25... And that seems way to close for comfort
This stupid post alone is like a milestone in maturity

And almost two months have passed already, only 10 months to go till I'm another year older!
How badly I need a place of my own before I have a 21st... No chance in hell I'm having something so horrifying and important here at home
I just think…. I should write more
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My alternative Machine Translations - Wolf On A String Review [14 Sep 2005|02:26am]
And you thought Venus Traps Fly was a cool title! Recorded as always in his own bedroom studio, J.Walker has become such a master of production, no one would question it if he had said he recorded Wolf On A String at Abbey Road. At six-tracks long, what starts off sounding like an absolutely random mix of flavours soon takes the form of a bizarre journey, not unlike walking through an eerie amusement park in some sort of hazy dream-like state. Oh, I said that last week? Yeah well I’m not gonna use my brain to think up new similes when I have a perfectly fine one already! But seriously it does; The title track constantly makes me envision the world Homer gets trapped in when he eats too much chilli, except without that hilarious turtle. ‘‘Miss China’ features some gorgeous downtuned guitars driving a rather strange but compelling dissonant melody, while ‘Paris Road’ and ‘Extress’ cover the delightful, artsy sample-pop bases that are expected from a Machine Translations release. The title track is like walking through an endless hall of mirrors following the silhouette of a masked stranger until you reach a dead end, but you can’t turn around as a mirror now blocks your path back, and you think you’re absolutely doomed until you relax for a second and actually listen to the crowd screaming DON’T PUSH ON THE MIRROR FFS, PULL IT! IT ROTATES! Am I the only one that remembers Amazing? However, most props must go to the brooding ‘A Ghost Rider’, which plods along in a delicious shuffle and dwells in a dark aesthetic which is sort of like ‘Angel’ mixed with ‘Frozen’ mixed with your friends creepy uncle. Sort of.

If Wolf On A String were an experience, it would be: wandering around a travelling amusement park on acid.

[10 Sep 2005|11:44pm]

My non-published, highly offensive In The Grey review [23 Aug 2005|11:06pm]
In The Grey
Innocence Is Running Out

1 1/2 stars

Right off the bat, this is not my type of music. I’m not into the whole central-coast pop-punk, almost-emo, always-angst scene they got going over there and around Australia. From After The Fall to Something With Numbers, to the Shire’s Kid Courageous and Lifestory, they all follow the same formula: make sure you have slow, meaningful verses followed by an explosive chorus about how all your friends are really enemies; make sure you hold that last word in the verse until you almost pass out; check there’s a breakdown somewhere, and congratulations, you’ve just become the latest escape for all those troubled suburban teenagers who don’t receive enough pocket money. However, unlike some of their other contemporaries, In The Grey sound like they’re at the top of the pile. Yes, the clichés are all here and yes, ‘innovation’ has absolutely no relevance to this album, but this is the exact sound that they set out to accomplish, and hence they are rather quite good at what they do. The simple question that remains is if you like this music or not, because discussing it is rather pointless. The melodies aren’t involving enough and the singing feels somewhat limp, but that comes with the genre really. And hey, at least they have more moral worth than Kid Courageous, so they’ve got that going for them as well. Top notch dark-tinged pop-punk. I think.

Pop-punk is like its own religion now: Some people don’t agree with it, some people just don’t care, but the people apart of it are fanatic.

Mark Mitchell

the Virtues of socializing [18 Aug 2005|10:25pm]
I can't believe I met a girl today whose last name was 'Virtue'

and I can't believe I didn't realise until it was too late

Probably a good thing; I would of freaked her out by rambling about how that is the coolest thing I've ever heard and going on about theories of virtue vs vice and the pro's and cons of both... I really think you have to connect with someone first before you go blabboring about the moral nature of crime and the prejudice of social laws and such

Man, who honestly has Virtue as their last name? That is by far the best non-changed last name I've ever heard

I'm going to change my name to Mark Vice.

The interpretation of dreams (2005) [17 Aug 2005|11:20pm]
To extract from a msn conversation because I can't be bothered going into more elaborate detail:

zlo't says:
in slightly related news ive been having some fuckin weird vivid dreams of late

at the end of one i was at the top of this battleship and we were floating through this gate high above the ocean, and when we got through we nosedived down towards the water and ive never had a more realistic experience of falling fast ever, it was so intense
zlo't says:
i woke up gripping my dooner
zlo't says:
does that count as a 'falling' dream?
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
u have to have an actual falling dream
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
i dream im falling from the sky onto my front lawn
zlo't says:
hfs! really?
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
zlo't says:
hows that like
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
and sometimes i can just make myself spring back up, as if i was on eleastic from the sky, just before i hit the ground
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
but sometimes i hit
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
and it hurts
zlo't says:
the matrix has you
zlo't says:
how often dyou have them?
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
not very
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
last one was like year ago
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
the most scarriest dream of all was my drwoning dream
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
by far one of the most scariest things of my life
zlo't says:
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
trust me, u DO NOT want to drown
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
and if ur holding ur breath in ur dream, ur doing it in ur sleep, which is scary when u have a drowning dream
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
i woke up and nearly fainting
zlo't says:
is that all was happening u were drowning?
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
yeh i drempt there was this section of water
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
and tere was an opening
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
and u had to dive in and swim this section underwater to the opening on the otherside
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
and i dive in and swim under to the other side, and the opening isnt there, so i swim back and the opening i dived in is now gone... so the next few mins is living hell till i wake up nearly dead grasping for air
zlo't says:
yeah thats one of my worst fears too.....
ive seen that in a movie once; a little girl dives into this secret lake, and then when she goes up for air the surface is like a mirror and she cant push through

scarred me for life saw it when i was like 10
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
yeh it is fucked
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
zlo't says:
oi recently ive been reading all these blasphormus things about religion and christianity and god and all that right and it's hell interesting cause the arguements are more or less bullshit; everything concerning religion both for and against are bullshit... but it's all so interesting....

and last nite i had a dream where like this priest was demanding i become a catholic again and i was trying to present these points and he was fully going insane and he had this red hot poker thing and he was torturing me and prodding my skin and stuff, it was intense
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
wow mad dream dude!
rufes1.. bad puttycat says:
its great when your dreams link with something in your life
zlo't says:
hahaha it was fucking crazy, it linked in exactly with the stuff I've been reading, so odd

Marquis de Sade is who I've been following of late. Anyone familiar with this name will now think I'm a lunatic.

[14 Aug 2005|08:59pm]
Isn't it weird how we call rugby league football? Where the hell did that come about? It makes sense that soccer is formally called football, but calling rugby league football is ridiculous. And yet for some reason, the whole of Australia has adopted this name. So, it never occurs to anyone else how weird that is? Of course it does, people have found it funny for a long time. So why doesn't anyone do anything about it? The herd has chosen, and we will always call it football, when the amount of contact the ball actually has to the foot is like 5% of the whole game.
I find it weird that things like these just get accepted in real life. People let things just not make sense, and no one really seems to care. I'm a person who likes to know the inner workings and understand everything, and so it really bugs me how we continue to call rugby league 'football'. There's heaps of other unexplainable things in life such as that, and god dammit I can't think of very many but I'll come back and update this when I walk around experiencing the weird randomness of life to refresh my memory.

<img src=&quot;http://www.tradelink.com.au/images/news/Raymor%20pictures/Atlanta%20Toilet%20roll%20holder%20deep%20etched1.jpg&quot;> Things like toilet paper on a toilet roll. Does the end part of the roll flop over the top, or are you supposed to let it hang underneath it? That is what I'm most obsessive about: Officiality. I want, and need to know the official way to do everything. I look into chord progressions, key changes and scale types when trying to make a good tune when I should just be using my frigging ears. I wan't to know EXACTLY how much toothpaste you're supposed to be using on your toothbrush before you're just wasting it. I don't want anyones shoddy realplayer rips of albums; I want the official releases from the scene groups. But it's all impossible really, because official rules and lists all stem from peoples advice, and advise is just something people say to try out their own secret theories on someone other than themselves to see if it really works or not. In the end, if I think a pea-size amount of toothpaste is more than enough, it's official. That's all you need.
(That actually is official, I heard someone say it on TV last year and i just googled it and it is official people, you only need a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.)

But yes, I suppose life experience is supposed to tell you things more than official websites for colgate, but I just hate the idea of doing something wrong your whole life because no one actually told you the right way to do it. I guess this is where education steps in. Sigh

Me and my friend back in high school were supposed to write a book on this; an instruction manual for teenagers. Half comedy and half serious, it was going to run you through all the inevitable and hilarious circumstances all teenagers end up coming across, such as seating etiquite at movie cinemas when on a first date, how to scab food off your friends at school without looking like a scab in the first place, and how to write funny messages on calculators using the SIN and COS buttons and whatever else (5318008 upside down? too easy)

But my favourite was the TLB, or, Traffic Light Button rule
completely oblivious to being a teenager, yet the only rule to life that can still apply to a 19yr old... When you're standing right next to a set of lights for the green man to appear, and then someone comes up next to you, but walks all the way over and presses the button again, doesn't that just piss you off? I mean, you're not an idiot, you're standing right next to the button, of course you pressed it, why wouldn't you? It's so patronizing!

So basically the rule is, don't press the god damn button when someones already standing next to it!!
That applies to people across the street as well, but if they look retarded you can sneak a press when they're not looking
Also don't press the button with your bare fingers or you can catch salmonella
true story

And that new ad says numbers don't lie. But the square root of -1 = i , and thats fucking bullshit!

My lost rejected Colder review [31 Jul 2005|01:40pm]
So was my review so bad The Brag had to get someone else to write one? Or perhaps they just didn't agree with my opinion. Or perhaps the other guy wrote one as well and his was better. I agree with my opinion more, but my review is pretty bad; god I'm getting lazy at these

For ages all I wanted to do was become a music critic; why do I take it for granted that I am one? Stupid human nature I say; you never realise what you have until it's gone. Of course I'm not of the highest nature of critic but hey, any higher and my shoddy writing skills and biased views would become way too apparent:


3 and a quarter! stars

Has electronic music always been so obviously repetitive, or has Daft Punk’s new record influenced more artists than you’d think? I guess it always has; Colder’s first album ‘Again’ is even more repetitive than this one. Is this a problem? Of course not, I love repetitive music. I could listen to Robot Rock forever. However, to get away with repetition you need individuality, attitude, and above all, one hell of a beat; melody optional. ‘Again’ was good but it lacked something… not individuality—his sound is easily recognisable. Perhaps it’s Marc Nguyen Tan’s vocals, which work as his best friend and worst enemy. At the best of times, it’s cold and direct with icy breaths of sexuality; at its worst, he sounds like he just doesn’t give a shit. But that’s his shtick, right? He is Colder after all. And that brings us to the music itself. The unnerving dissonance in ‘Wrong Baby’ works remarkably well and just about outshines anything off ‘Again’. ‘Tonight’ is another sleazy electro trip down an unknown street at night, while the brooding ‘The Winter’s Fields’ is the wiser, older brother of ‘Shiny Star’. None of the three nonchalant tracks reach the grandiose quality of ‘This River’, though ‘Fade Away’ takes a pretty good shot. Anyone expecting Tan to evolve on ‘Heat’ will be sorely disappointed, but anyone familiar with ‘Again’ would have predicted that evolution isn’t on Tan’s agenda.

Is Colder the new hotness yet? Not quite, but very warm.

Yes, what was i thinking? Has electronic music been so obviously repetitive? Please, it's so obvious I just wanted to drop the name Daft Punk in there. Kraftwerk were the pioneer's and their songs go for 22minutes for gods sake, this album doesn't even come close to real repetitive music. So yes, I apologize. But I still think it's a rather meaningless album. Screw that quarter, this album now gets 3 stars.

Truth will kill you [27 Jul 2005|11:18pm]
Everything is done for a reason. Not in the fate sort of way; fate is an illusion. I mean peoples reactions; peoples words. Peoples movements, jokes, stares, scours, replies... lies. Locked inside the minds of us all, we know the real reason behind what we do. The truth of reality. A lot of the time we don't want to accept it; accept the truth behind yourself, the truth behind other people. But it's there, and will always be there. There is an ugly truth behind everything that ever happens. Living is a selfish act. The very idea of living is to care only for yourself; to serve yourself and no one else. An ideology of Hedonism applied only to you, for you. So what are friends then? Does the idea of friends even exist? Don't even think of the word Love. Most things in our world don't really exist. Without a brain, sound doesn't exist. There is no such thing as music. Without light, objects exist only because of their atom arrangement. Light is a trickster; it allows us only to artificially percieve. It is not truth. Love is a thing that cannot be seen, heard, touched, or smelt. It is a feeling created in our minds, just like everything else in life, although Love has even less evidence of existing. But when everything comes to an end, Love is the most important thing we have. And we don't even know if it's real. The idea of 'real' doesn't have any physical ground anyway. What we percieve is so obviously artificial, everything must therefore, be real. So by that reasoning, Love is in fact, real. It's as real as your TV, as real as your indie pop music, as real as the fragrance you're wearing, or the fragrance in your mind that you'll never forget. It's as real as a knife, or a gun, or an icepick. That is why, Love can kill you. It's as real as anything else in the world you can think of.

If you were to die tomorrow, would there be anything after it? Complete blackness... the mind trapped within itself, just like life now... just like reality. Can you ever really escape? You will always be your mind and nothing else. We are all isolated from each other, alienated and trapped, never able to connect except artificially. Is this where love stems from? The true ideology of love? The false hope of escaping this prison of our mind? Not even death can save you, so Love has been created as a replacement. from everyone's favourite movie, "We all die alone". Perhaps this is the one true constant in our lives that we are constantly evaluating, and love has been created to allow the human brain to deal with it.

Love, the new Death.

My opinion? of COURSE it matters [27 Jul 2005|12:14am]
Today I thought about those attractive TV anchors and wondered about how many drugs they took and how much sex they had when they were back in their early twenties. Isn't it interesting? You couldn't get a position like that simply by going through UNI, getting your degree and jumping straight into the position of TV anchor. No, you would need life experience... attitude, confidence, cocaine in the penthouses of the World Centre building. Is this a warped view of life from someone disconnected and generally very bitter at everything, or is this the cold hard truth about what happens around us? Is everything really as shallow as bitter people would like to believe? Do the non-bitter people (that is, the 'happy' or just indifferent people of the world) believe this too in their hearts but simply refuse to accept or consider it, or do they honestly believe in a system of love and rewards and hard-work, karma, good things come to those who wait? It makes the world a much easier place to live in to regard virtue as more celebrated and more rewarding than vice, but is it really the case?

Or are these the beliefs of people who forever have things well off... these are the thoughts of people born attractive, who live in big houses and are set for life already with inheritance... but most importantly, born attractive.

The TV anchors.

Confidence comes from belief. You have to believe in something to attain confidence. What do you have to believe in? Anything, it doesn't matter, as long as your opinions can hold strong. The Bluth family is a nice example, even though they are fictional. Perhaps another reason why that show is so god damn excellent. People with linear minds can go far in life, simply because believing is so easy for them. Footballers... blondes (oops...)... ego-whores... It works because of ignorance. Shun your mind from the outside world, and you can live in a bubble where it's only you and what you percieve to be true. The garden of eden. True bliss. What could be better than that? To live in a world where you are always right. Opinion, confidence and good-looks. The holy trinity of living well. If you can obtain these three features, everything else really can go straight to hell. Because you believe it. Now, go get that anchor position!
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Live though this and you won't look back [24 Jul 2005|07:01pm]
D'you realize, the sun don't go down,
It's just an illusion caused, by the world spinning round

Do You Realize?? [03 Jul 2005|10:44pm]
Where am I going?
What am I going to do?
What is everyone else doing?
Why is everyone else ok?
Why doesn’t anyone care about what they're doing?
Perhaps I'm the same; why am I so lost?
Why doesn’t anyone else care?
Why doesn’t anyone else care?
What is WITH everyone?
Am I so different?
Why do I refuse to accept there are other people in my situation?
Why did she leave?
Why was I such an idiot?
Was I really?
Why can’t I stop thinking about her?
How can I go on?
How can I go on?
Why didn’t I realise this before?
How did I use to go on?
How did I use to go on?
Why is everything so pointless?
Why does there even have to be a point?
Is that my problem? Is that everyone else’s little secret? Or is it just their easy solution?
Where can I go from here?
What is it worth?
Is there really a point?
How can i keep going when I don't believe in anything i do?
Heaven knows I’m miserable now. The beginning of hard times to come. Something that was not meant to be is done; this is the start of what was. Stuck in a moment; admitting to the problem is the first step; all that’s left is to wait it out. I still need you baby... I wonder if you're thinking the same. Goodbye, Green Eyes.
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Life and Variability [25 Jun 2005|08:22pm]
There are too many variables in life. How is it possible to live knowing so many things aren't constant? life isn't constant; you are going to die. Everyone you know will die. Your employer might stop turning profit and you'll be out of a job. Destiny isn't real because the very randomness of everything that happens in life is the very thing that creates the illusion of fate. Coincidence is exactly that. Is it really our goal in life to persue something constant? Is that the illusion of safety? Is there really life on other planets? Does it really matter if there is? Does leaving a mark in history really state that you had a good life? It's everyone for themselves;, who cares about historians? There is beauty everywhere you look, and there is art, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and good art is in the eye of someone with talent, so who knows what to believe.

Stars and Maximo Park Reviews [07 Jun 2005|06:00pm]
Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger

4.5 stars

It’s odd that the NME hype machine was practically non-existent for Newcastle’s Maximo Park, as for once here’s a band that could live up to it. Duncan Lloyd’s furious Strokes-like guitar-work, Paul Smith’s sharp, entertaining lyrics and Northern-England bark, and Lukas Wooller’s subtle keyboard create a fresh and exciting sound that is more interesting than The Kaiser Chiefs, The Ordinary Boys and The Others combined.
Their unique ‘art-pop’ is both easily accessible to plebeian music listeners, and has enough depth for indie-geeks to nod approvingly. ‘Apply Some Pressure’ shimmers with the energy a debut album should, its verses being the equivalent of riding roller-coaster crests, and includes the album’s most amusing line: “You know that I, would love to see you in that dress/ I hope that I, will live to see you undress”.
‘Going Missing’ features a massive chorus that other brit-pop hopefuls would die for, and the Pulp influenced ‘Acrobat’ breaks things up with spoken-word verses and a majestic sound that’s like a call-to-arms for all the common people. The album’s musical scope is deceivingly wide, and makes for a charismatic debut with so much quirkiness, it’s impossible not to love; just listen to those few seconds of keyboard freakout at the end of ‘The Night I Lost My Head’, or the storming, synth-driven power of ‘Limassol’. The new Futureheads are already here.

If NME pay someone to label who is ‘The next big thing’: they won’t be paying him anymore.

Stars - Set Yourself On Fire

4 Stars

Recently I’ve had a craving for… not exactly ‘grandeur’ pop, but you know, pop music with synths and sweeping strings and such. How lucky then for Stars’ third full-length to be placed in my lap. Thanks editor!
So what do Stars sound like? Think Rilo Kiley with synths; Air turned Canadian; think M83 gone pop; think Coldplay focused more on romance than, um, clocks.
Looking at the notes I scribbled down when I first listened to this album, the word ‘romantic’ turns up seven times; the exact number of times ‘dying’ gets mentioned in the liner notes. Coincidence? Absolutely. Relevance? Somewhat. Stars’ music is drenched in romanticism, but no matter how ludicrous it can become, they always retain this hazy innocence, and the more innocent they get, the more you love them. Like Hugh Grant or something. ‘Your Ex-Lover Is Dead’ sets the scene with a look-up-at-the-stars melody and tear jerking lyrics; ‘The Big Fight’ features a very tasteful glockenspiel and laid-back groove, and ‘Set Yourself On Fire’ drives along with unexpected energy and an inspired tune; only to slow down for the last two minutes to unveil a slow-burning piano that harness the cold frost of their hometown Montreal and freezes your heart. Yes, the romanticism has rubbed off on me. Starry-eyed pop doesn’t come much cleaner than this. My romantic fix for the year.

If Stars’ music were used in a movie, it would be: Hugh Grants new one: ‘About A Blue-Eyed Bumbling Prime Minister’ (?)

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